My experience with GIT Clients

A year ago when I started working with GIT for the first time, I searched for a client that was good enough for me to start with. Luckily my colleague in that project was using GIT Extensions. I found it excellent to start with. But now a little more than a year later, I’m still using GIT Extensions.

After a couple of months of working with GIT, I started looking for other GIT Clients. GIT Extensions was really friendly and easy to use but it is not appealing. It looks boring and old and I always liked fancy and modern UI. I googled ‘best GIT Clients’ and started comparing some of the best.

I downloaded Atlassian’s SourceTree, I liked the way it looked and it was fairly easy to use. However, a couple of days later I had merging conflict (if I remember correctly) and I couldn’t solve it with SourceTree. I could not find the options I used to use in GIT Extensions (I can’t remember what was it). I got really annoyed that I could not easily do something that should be simple. This is when I started using SourceTree for looking at commits, pulling and pushing only and then switch to GIT Extensions for merging and solving any issues that I came across with SourceTree. I really wanted to use SourceTree, that’s why I kept using both for some time, until it became too annoying to use two GIT clients. I, of course, uninstalled SourceTree and moved back to GIT Extensions.

I then found that GIT Kraken looked really nice. This was when it was still in BETA. But it was a mess, pulling and pushing took a long time and it crashed or froze a lot. A couple of hours in and I uninstalled it. Later on I got emails that they released the production versions which was much better but lots of the options were hard to get to. I had issues merging at first (whereas in GIT Extensions, the UI is so straight forward that I knew what to do for the first time) and still found it not too easy several days later. Again, I uninstalled it and moved back to GIT Extensions.

I even tried Visual Studio’s built in GIT support tools. It was awesome to be right there for you to pull, push, compare and commit, but not merging and solving conflicts. Till this day I use them only for the basic operations I mentioned above. Other than that I use another GIT client.

I also tried a couple more for a couple of hours only but didn’t find what I was looking for. So I stopped the search and settled with GIT Extensions. The easiest, most friendly and most straight forward GIT Client.


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