Sitecore Deployment Mode: Sitecore Module

Ever had Content Editors editing while you were deploying even though you told them  not to do any editing? This can happen in most projects and of course it will be your responsibility to try to recover whatever they did during deployment.

One way to prevent this is by using tool such as this Sitecore module which helps you force Sitecore users to stay back during deployments.

This module simply allows you to block Sitecore users from publishing during deployments or even block them from logging in to Sitecore.

How to use

Once the module is installed, you will be able to find a new settings item under ‘/sitecore/System/Settings/Deployment Mode Settings’ which will allow you to do the following:

  1. Enable/Disable the entire Deployment Mode
  2. Enable/Disable the locking out of Sitecore non-admin users
    1. You can exclude certain roles from this lock out
  3. Enable/Disable the publishing of items
  4. Enable/Disable the ability for Admins to publish even if above publishing was disabled


When non-admin users try to log in while being locked out, they will see the following:


When users try to publish while publish is disabled, they will see the following:


As simple as that! Once you’re done with the deployment you can just uncheck ‘Deployment Mode On’ and everything goes back to normal!

This module has been tested on Sitecore 8.2 and Sitecore 9.0


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