Sc101: Solr Cores

I'm sure you're aware that Solr is a search engine that help us search for content quickly. Sitecore 8.2 and below come pre-configured with Lucene.Net, which is also a search engine. Lucene.Net is more basic and has its limitations so more customers request or need a more capable search engine. Sitecore supports Solr, which is based … Continue reading Sc101: Solr Cores


Sc101: Introduction

While working in Tanasuk Technologies I come by lots of situations where new Sitecore developers need help on certain topics/issues, need help troubleshooting something or are given tips/tricks to make their life easier. This usually happens a lot and several times same or similar issues/questions/tips/tricks arise repetitively, which made me start this blog series 'Sc101' … Continue reading Sc101: Introduction

Tips & Tricks: Sitecore Log file naming

When I started working with Sitecore, I always wondered how Sitecore names its logs. Sometimes you would see a date only as the name e.g. log.20170214.txt and sometimes a date and a time e.g. log.20170214.165444.txt. Keep in mind that Sitecore uses Log4Net as the logging framework so you'll need to read more about it if you're … Continue reading Tips & Tricks: Sitecore Log file naming