DO NOT add Help Description with double quotes(“)

I think the title provides enough advice. I just worked on a ticket where Sitecore 8.1 Experience Editor was breaking in some pages. Breaking as in the components/placeholders borders and backgrounds were not visible. So you get the feeling the EE has not worked at all, although you can click on fields and edit them. Our FE … Continue reading DO NOT add Help Description with double quotes(“)


Publishing Images of Datasource Items

One of the really important features that Sitecore should include is to publish the linked items to datasource items such as images when publishing an item with its related items. I have been working on such a task to achieve this. Let me start by explaining the problem with an example: My Home item has two … Continue reading Publishing Images of Datasource Items

Tips & Tricks: Sitecore Log file naming

When I started working with Sitecore, I always wondered how Sitecore names its logs. Sometimes you would see a date only as the name e.g. log.20170214.txt and sometimes a date and a time e.g. log.20170214.165444.txt. Keep in mind that Sitecore uses Log4Net as the logging framework so you'll need to read more about it if you're … Continue reading Tips & Tricks: Sitecore Log file naming